Short description of innovation:

Babymoon is a baby ergonomic textile baby carrier with integrated textile sensors to monitor vital signs and baby development.

The product is addressed to the general public, but especially to neonatology departments in regions with limited resources and access to medical services.

Currently, there are under preparation two pilot projects in rural clinics in Zambia and Tanzania, where premature babies will receive Kangaroo Care (recommended by WHO) using the Babymoon baby carrier while monitoring development and exploring clinical care and remote monitoring scenarios to provide more effective care and address the issue of child mortality in these regions.


Patents, prizes, participations:

  • Patent request for BabyMoon at the Netherlands Patent Office
  • Innovation Award – Excellence in Entrepreneurship, nov. 2018, GEN Moldova
  • 150 Moldovans list of formidable success stories (First Edition), mar. 2015, Publicis Moldova & supported by Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale